The izzo 4-in-1 oral care system is an oral care kit for patients that includes everything they need to improve at-home hygiene.

Izzo is a 4-in-1 oral care system that delivers a high level of at-home hygiene care for patients.

It is a comprehensive oral care system containing everything consumers need to achieve better oral health between their visits with dental professionals. The system includes:

  • An advanced power handle with three speeds (Ultra, Daily, and Gentle) that features a timer to help ensure patients brush for the recommended amount of time.
  • Interchangeable oscillating heads to attach to the power handle
  • A brush head with soft bristles and a polishing cup for at-home stain removal. When used with the included izzo Enamel Polishing Paste, the system has been shown to remove surface stains and soft plaque 73% better than advanced whitening toothpaste and does so safely, with 45% less abrasion on the teeth.
  • A scaler to remove plaque and debris from hard-to-clean places between the teeth and above the gumline. It is made from medical-grade polymer and designed for at-home use, with a flexible tip that is safe for consumers.
  • A UVC sanitizing case, which kills 99.99% of germs,†1 including bacteria and viruses, that can hide on the brush head and polishing cup head.

According to the company, izzo is designed to be better than advanced whitening toothpaste at the removal of surface stains and soft plaque and features a 93% better cleaning efficiency.

“izzo and its four steps—brush, polish, scale, and sanitize—were inspired by dental professionals and what they do every day, and that is so important to us,” said Julie Charlestein, izzo founder and chief executive officer and CEO of Premier Dental. “Our goal is and has always been to be a partner to dental professionals. We want to complement the great care they provide in their offices by delivering an oral care system that can help improve and maintain oral health on the days their patients aren’t seeing them.”

The izzo 4-in-1 Oral Care System is now available through Benco Dental.