The new 3D printing materials NightGuard Flex and NightGuard Firm are formulated for in-office production of flexible and rigid night guards. 

SprintRay, the 3D printing solutions company, announced the release of two new 3D printing resins: NightGuard Flex and NightGuard Firm. The resins will allow dental professionals to 3D print flexible and rigid night guards in-office. 

According to the company, NightGuard Flex is formulated to quickly produce a comfortable 3D-printed night guard. NightGuard Firm is a fast-printing rigid split resin with strength and aesthetic properties. 

NightGuard Flex reportedly becomes pliable at body temperature and is completely flavorless. According to the company, the NightGuard Flex resin makes same-appointment delivery possible, with two-times faster reported print speeds, when compared to competitors, with the resin. In addition, NightGuard Flex requires fewer supports due to improved dimensional stability while in green state, reducing waste and improving speed to delivery. The resin is Class I biocompatible, 510(k) pending. 

“With NightGuard Flex, we’re able to provide a comfortable occlusal guard that’s easy for the dentist to deliver while being comfortable and flavorless for patient satisfaction. This material has been clinically developed from scratch to help dentists address rising occlusal issues,” said Ehsan Barjasteh, head of SprintRay resin development. “As parafunctional habits like grinding and clenching are on the rise, our NightGuard resins will play a key role in helping doctors provide fast, cost-effective, long-term relief to thousands of patients across the world.”

Meanwhile, the NightGuard Firm resin is reportedly simple to clean, resists wear, and is easy to polish. It is also flavorless and odorless. The resin is ideal for clinicians and patients looking for high-strength occlusal appliances. The resin has a blue tint for better aesthetics. The company claims the resin allows for print speeds that are up to 20% faster than competitive materials. NightGuard Firm is Class I biocompatible.