The new IBT Resin is a Class I complaint resin for use in indirect bonging for orthodontic bracket placement. 

Formlabs announced the release of its new IBT Resin for direct 3D printing of indirect bonding trays for orthodontic bracket placement. 

An indirect bonding tray (IBT) is a custom-made appliances that is used to precisely match each patient’s dentition and bracket prescription to place multiple brackets at once. 

According to Formlabs, compared to other 3D printing resins for making IBTs, its IBT Resin offers optimized tear strength, translucency, and flexibility. The material produces finished appliances that are tasteless, odorless, and not sticky. The company says minimal support material is needed; and there is reportedly no need for glycerin or nitrogen post-curing. 

The Class I compliant resin was reportedly tested rigorously by Formlabs and industry experts. 

As the company puts it, with an intraoral scan and digital treatment plan, an orthodontist, technician, or assistant can generate the 3D model of an IBT in just a few minutes in any of several orthodontic design software programs. The file, exported as an STL, can be directly imported into Formlabs’ PreForm software and prepared for printing. 

The IBT Resin material can be used in conjunction with Formlabs SLA printer. Once the printer is configured with the resin cartridge, resin tank, and build platform, and the 3D file uploaded to the computer via WiFi, ethernet, or USB cable, the print begins with the push of a button. No additional attention is required until the print is complete. 

After the part is printed, it needs to be post-processed, including washing in ≥96% isopropyl alcohol and post-curing. These steps can be automated, according to the company, with Form Wash and Form Cure. After curing, the IBT is complete, and can be cleaned, disinfected, and cared for with tools commonly found in orthodontic offices.