The 2-day free virtual event for doctors interested in exploring digital dentistry is scheduled for March. 

3Shape is holding a free 2-day virtual event for doctors exploring digital dentistry. The 3Shape Navigate event will be held March 17 to 18, 2021

“The two-day 3Shape Navigate virtual event is geared to doctors interested in learning more about digital dentistry with a focus on digital workflows. It’s for doctors that want to know its true impact on treatment quality; the real costs; how they can get started and who are not looking for a sales pitch. Session presenters are a mixture of doctors who are both digital novices and experts. And they’ll share their candid opinions about going digital,” says Lars Christian Lund, 3Shape senior vice president for corporate business development and marketing.

The event, hosted by 3Shape, includes eight educational sessions, one-to-one virtual demos, exclusive training opportunities for attendees-only, and a digital toolbox for calculating ROI. Presenting doctors include: Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny, Dr Carlo Arcara, Dr Zuber Bagasi, Dr Aodhan Docherty, Dr Barbara Jurim, and Dr Mark McOmie. A special interactive panel session will feature 3Shape’s Rune Fisker joined by a team of digital dental professionals discussing digital transformation. The panel includes: Dr Ian Buckle, Dr Karm Jandoo, Dr Bong Kwoo, and Dr Jonathan Ng.

According to a press release from the company, 3Shape Navigate is completely free to sign up and attend. All sessions are available in five languages (with voiceover and subtitles).