The software is designed for exclusive use with Sony Electronics’ Spatial Reality Display, which will provide a highly realistic 3D model of the patient’s head to visualize treatment outcomes. 

SmileFy Inc, the dental software company, introduced its new collaborative software designed to be used exclusively in conjunction with Sony’s 3D product, the Spatial Reality Display (“SR Display”). 

Use of the SmileFy App on Sony’s SR Display reportedly will allow clinicians to display a highly realistic 3D model of their patient’s head by combining views from digital patient files, such as CBCTs, digital impressions and 3D facial scans, to visualize the design and expected outcome of procedures in an immersive 3D environment—without special glasses or a headset. 

“In the cosmetic dental industry, we know visualization is key for both clinicians and their patients,” said Nick Colsey, vice president of business development at Sony Electronics Inc. “We are excited to work with SmileFy to create a solution that creates a seamless and highly effective process for realistic procedure and outcome visualization.”

According to the company, viewing the 3D digital mockup and model on the SR Display is expected to reduce patient chair time and allow clinicians to lead to more efficient “try-in” appointments with patients, with minimal adjustments. 

“This collaboration with Sony is so special because we’ve been able to leverage the technology in the SR Display to offer a unique experience for both dental clinicians and their patients,” commented Ralph Georg, founder and CEO of SmileFy. “Sony’s SR Display really brings the ‘digital patient’ to life, just as we once envisioned it. It’s powerful to be able to present and actually show treatments to patients in real-time while using the digital patient to educate them in the process.”

SmileFy’s Gold Plan subscription option will include the software needed to display the patient’s digital image and treatment on the Spatial Reality Display.