KaVo Kerr, Hatfield, Pa, announced the expansion of the integration options available for the DEXIS Platinum digital sensor and DEXcam 4 HD intraoral camera. The two products will now be compatible with a number of dental imaging software programs through the utilization of an industry-recognized driver package. Users will be able to maintain their existing imaging software program while integrating these DEXIS products.

The DEXIS Platinum sensor features PureImage Technology which uses proprietary hardware enhancements to provide clear images across a wide range of exposure settings; TrueComfort Design using beveled corners, a smooth, rounded casing, and a small, angled dome to maximize patient comfort and make placement more precise; and PerfectSize single-sensor solution which is designed to be comfortably used by both children and adults, eliminating the need to switch between multiple-sized sensors.

The DEXcam 4 HD intraoral camera provides high-definition images using the latest in CMOS sensor technology and a precision 7-element glass optical lens. It features five field-of-view levels to enable clearly focused images from full face to magnified tooth and high intensity LEDs to enable well-illuminated images even in posterior regions.

The driver package enabling the expanded DEXIS Platinum and DEXcam 4 HD integration options is available now by contacting DEXIS technical support at (888) 883-3947, option 1.