The partnerships focus on Structo’s Velox all-in-one 3D printer and creating a comprehensive ecosystem for chairside 3D printing that covers the entire digital workflow from design to final appliance for various applications, including aligners. 

Structo, the 3D printing solutions company and manufacturer behind Velox—an all-in-one 3D printer, announced integrations with uLab systems and evident

Structo’s Velox is designed to allow dental professionals to deliver same day dental and orthodontic appliances chairside. It features autonomous post-processing—print, wash, and cure. 

uLab Partnership

The partnership with uLab Systems will give Velox users access to uLab’s range of AI-powered clear aligner treatment planning software. This announcement comes on the heels of Structo’s partnership with materials manufacturer Pro3dure.

“In-office and same day aligners has been the trend in orthodontics in recent times. We want to give Velox users the option of capitalizing on this trend for less complicated clinical cases,” explains Huub van Esbroeck, founder at Structo. “Structo and uLab have developed a strong working relationship, and we are excited to continue this fruitful partnership that will benefit both Structo and uLab users.” 

ULab will be the first direct integration of appliance design software in the Velox ecosystem. Paired with the the Velox 3D printer that integrates the print, wash and cure of the 3D printing process, users will now be able to insource some of their clear aligner cases for more control over clinical outcomes and quicker appliance turnaround time. 

“Last year we announced an integration with Structo’s high throughput DentaForm 3D printer. We are excited to continue working with the team at Structo to provide more 3D printing options to uLab users worldwide,” said Joe Breeland, uLab’s chief commercial officer. 

evident Partnership 

evident is a digital dental company focused on tools that innovate how dental professionals and labs design, manage, and present cases. The evident partnership with Structo will give Velox users access to the company’s suite of digital dentistry design and slicing services. The company’s design service is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. 

The integration with evident aims to help Velox users save time and money by outsourcing their design and slicing work to evident so they can focus more on revenue generating parts of their business. 

“From the start, we had a very clear mission of simplifying and streamlining the digital workflow for doctors and labs alike with Velox. This includes everything from design and slicing to the automated print, wash and cure process in the Velox ecosystem,” explains van Esbroeck, Founder at Structo. “With today’s announcement [about the evident partnership], we are partnering with one of the leaders in digital design to make that dream a reality.” 

According to a press release from Structo, its mission for the Velox is to continue integrating and working with industry partners in software and material sciences to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for chairside 3D printing that covers the entire digital workflow from design to final appliance for various applications.