WhipMix_VeriSplint-OSWhip Mix, Louisville, Ky, has developed an FDA-cleared 3D-print hard splint material that is rigid and durable for dental bite guards/splints and occlusal night guards. According to the company, the VeriSplint resin has been validated in the 385 nm DLP Asiga 3D printers, reportedly producing an accurate, crystal-clear, high-quality, and economical splint.

The material produces splints that are resistant to staining, transparent, highly polishable, and cost effective.

With this resin, customers can 3D print on a full build platform with up to four splints in under 1 hour, at $5.00 to $6.00 per splint, according to Whip Mix.

VeriSplint is fully biocompatible, with 510k clearance.