Latest version of the CUREbox launch features Dental One-Touch Presets and supports all the photosensitive 3D printing resins currently on the market.

To meet the growing demands of orthodontists, who expect the most from their 3D printers and the post-curing process, Wicked Engineering recently added the CUREbox Plus to its expanding brand of products.

The startup design, prototype machining, and 3D Printing service provider that introduced the original CUREbox in 2015, recommends the new CUREbox Plus for use in private practice and larger dental labs alike.

Proper post-curing techniques will typically require precision equipment with a specific wavelength and intensity light source, time control, and temperature control. According to the company, CUREbox and CUREbox Plus provide all of this for use by the 3D printing community.

CUREbox Plus includes Dental One-Touch Presets, making it easier to use and more efficient. It also features a large temperature range (30-80C) with the ability to heat quickly. Each version is designed with a large capacity chamber at 12″ x 12″ x 6.25″—sufficient for most dental parts. 

The clean-room friendly equipment supports all of the photosensitive resins on the market such as those made by Formlabs, B9 Creations, NextDent, and SprintRay. The products can be used with other resins, and Wicked Engineering works with customers to develop custom recipes.