The AAO’s investment gives the novel oral hygiene technology company greater access to support from the orthodontic community as it prepares for a fall product launch.

PhotoDynamic Inc has secured investment funding from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), completing a series of successful financing rounds totaling more than US$1.7 million.

The Halifax, Canada-based company has developed a patented light-activated antimicrobial oral hygiene technology designed to kill bacteria, which causes plaque, and overcome challenges associated with traditional oral hygiene regimens. Discovered by Sherri McFarland, MD, a world-renowned expert on photo activated chemistry, the technology completed successful clinical trials in 2018.

Scheduled to launch this fall, the company’s daily oral hygiene technology combines a natural botanical foam and a light-emitting medical device. Martin Greenwood, chief executive officer of PhotoDynamic says, “While applicable to anyone’s hygiene regimen, our technology solves a particular problem for orthodontists and their patients who can face real difficulties maintaining good oral hygiene during treatment.”

According to PhotoDynamic, receiving the AAO investment provides the company with a greater opportunity to connect with the orthodontic community and further promote the potential patient impact of this technology.

The AAO fund was established in 2019 to support innovation that advances the specialty of orthodontics. The fund can be used to develop new products and services for orthodontists and patients by building, partnering or investing.

“The AAO thoroughly vetted PhotoDynamic. We were impressed with the clinical results and the potential to improve orthodontic patient care,” says Gary O. Inman, president of the AAO. “We’re delighted to have Martin and the PhotoDynamic team as our first investment.”

In addition to the AAO and several dental angel investors, the $1.7 million financing round includes major investors Island Capital Partners and Natural Products Canada. Island Capital Partners is a Prince Edward Island based early stage venture fund supporting local innovation while Natural Products Canada is a national not-for-profit corporation with an investment fund dedicated to naturally derived products, technologies, and services.