Planmeca is offering a new delivery system, the Planmeca Compact i3. Featuring a space-saving design, this dental care unit is the newest addition to the company’s Planmeca Compact i product range which has sold over 50,000 units worldwide. 

The unit, which is suitable for both two- and four-handed working techniques, features a delivery arm with a flexible movement range. In addition, the unit can be switched from right- to left-hand use quickly by moving the instrument console—and without having to move the operating light. According to the company, this feature makes the Planmeca Compact i3 a practical solution for clinics where several dental professionals use the same dental unit and space is limited. Furthermore, the small instrument console can be positioned above the patient, making it possible to maintain an ergonomic position throughout the day. 

The Planmeca Connect i3 features an intuitive touch panel that guides the user in their preferred language. For large clinics, the Planmeca PlanID sign-in system can be used to allow users to access their personal settings instantly from any dental unit. All usage information is stored in the Planmeca Romexis software, allowing clinics to track when, how, and by whom the unit has been used. 

The unit can be customized and upgraded to meet user needs—for example, an intraoral scanner can be integrated into the unit.