Kettenbach LP introduces Silginat®, a medium-bodied viscosity, polyvinyl siloxane impression material.

Silginat may be used for anatomical models, orthodontic appliances, splints, and case study models. Silginat is designed with a low-tear resistance to avoid dislodging restorations or orthodontic appliances. The material also has a high dimensional stability so model impressions can be kept for weeks and poured multiple times. Silginat is thixotropic and flows properly under pressure. The impression material is available in two delivery systems: 362-mL foil bags for Kettenbach’s Plug & Press® automatic dispenser (5:1 ratio); and 38-mL cartridges (1:1 ratio) with an optimal volume for a single full-arch or two quadrant impressions. The total set time for Silginat, when dispensed in cartridges, is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. When it is dispensed in foil bags, it has a total set time of 3 minutes.

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