Toppen Dental’s UltraSafe water filtration platform uses nanofiber technology to filter water without the need for chemicals.

Toppen Dental has launched the UltraSafe platform, a chemical fee filtration method for keeping dental unit water lines safe.

Ultrasafe is compliant with CDC and ADA recommendations that guard against waterborne microorganisms that cause disease.

“Untreated dental unit water lines provide a perfect breeding ground for biofilms that can harbor
dangerous levels of infectious pathogens such as legionella, pseudomonas, and non tuberculosis mycobacterium,” said Owen Boyd, Toppen chief technology officer.

Ultrasafe uses Toppen’s energized fiber matrix (EFM) technology that imparts an electro-adhesive charge to a specially adapted nanofiber filtration structure. The charged nanofibers form a barrier membrane that removes microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi from dental office water.

Some filtration products use chemicals like iodine or quaternary ammonium to kill microorganisms, according to Toppen, but UltraSafe takes a chemical-free approach to treating dental water lines.

“Chemical treatment addresses the primary problem of microbiological contamination,” said Boyd. “But these chemicals create their own set of problems like environmental damage and exposure of patients and staff.”

UltraSafe with EFM has been incorporated into a range of dental products. The line includes UltraSafe Micro Straws for chairside bottles and UltraSafe In-Line Cartridges which can be connected directly to dental chair water lines.

Toppen also offers the UltraSafe Whole Office system that treats multi-operatory practices at the point of entry.

Photo courtesy Toppen Dental