Anatomage Inc, a 3D medical imaging technology company, released an update to the Anatomage Cloud platform that allows dental professionals to quickly send 3D DICOM volumetric data to colleagues for one-click review. 

The updated version includes an FDA approved 3D DICOM web viewer with new tools such as measurements, the ability to discuss with messaging, and viewing of mesh file types such as STL. 

The one-click review workflow included with this update to Anatomage Cloud gives users automatic 3D volume preparation upon uploading DICOM; fast, secure delivery to a colleague or referral; and volumetric review in one-click with no software installation needed. 

The image is reviewable from any computer with the proprietary, FDA approved Anatomage Cloud 3D web viewer that offers a suite of radiological tools. This web viewer lets practitioners review the patient anatomy without the need for installing software. 

In addition, users can collaborate on the case using the platform’s discussion messaging. 

The Anatomage Cloud platform is HIPAA-compliant and uses data encryption protocols for security, according to the company. 

The basic Anatomage Cloud service is free for dental professionals and allows them to upload, download, view, discuss, send, and receive cases. DICOM data is the open standard format for many imaging types such as CT, CBCT, MRI, and ultrasound, making the platform useful to a large number of medical and dental specialties, according to the company. Additionally, the platform allows for transfer of other medically relevant open file types such as STL, PDF, and JPG to aid in the collaboration.