DentsplySirona_HubDentsply Sirona, York, Pa, has launched Dentsply Sirona Hub. Hub saves CEREC data and makes the CAD/CAM data automatically available on all CEREC workstations in the network. The device features data encryption and protects against data loss with a double backup. Hub also allows patient data to be shared with Sidexis imaging software.

According to the company, in addition to saving case data locally on a CEREC acquisition unit, it is stored in the Hub, where two copies are saved. Other acquisition units or computers that are equipped with CEREC or CEREC Premium Software can access data from anywhere in the practice network, eliminating the need for USB thumb drives or shared network folders.

Hub independently keeps a task list of all cases that have not yet been completed and notifies their status. The users can open the scan from the list on another computer and process it, leaving the CEREC unit free to take another scan.

Hub also synchronizes patient data with Sidexis. For example, if a patient is scanned with CEREC Omnicam and their personal data has already been stored for an x-ray, there is no need to reenter information on the acquisition unit.

According to the company, Hub installation only requires plugging into a power source and connecting to the network. Its “Plug & Play” functionality means that Hub connects independently to all compatible devices and workstations in the network.

The company intends for the Hub to become the practice’s data center. The company plans to expand its functionality in the future and will provide free updates to users.