Diode lasers, virtual skylights, and heat-activated NiTi wires

Diode Laser

Dentsply/GAC International, Bohemia, NY, introduces the Spectralase® Compact Diode Laser. According to the company, Spectralase allows orthodontists to perform cosmetic and periodontal procedures by gently vaporizing targeted tissue with pinpoint accuracy with minimal discomfort, recession, or swelling.

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3D Features for Imaging Software

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, Chatsworth, Calif, has added a new 3D module to its Imaging 11 program. A 2D Facial Photo Wrap function allows the clinician to easily create a texture map on the facial surface of any CBCT, CT, or MRI scan. Simply import the 2D frontal photo, and Dolphin 3D guides the user through a step-by-step process to add the photo to the 3D volume. No additional devices or add-ons are needed. Other additions include airway/sinus analysis to automatically locate and measure airway or sinus volume; volume sculpting to isolate and extract condyles, maxilla, and mandible, and remove irrelevant data; mirroring analysis of volume and facial surface data to visually detect hard- and soft-tissue asymmetry; and dual volume superimposition to superimpose volume scans from different time points to visually track treatment changes in bones and in airways. Dolphin products integrate with digital x-ray units, CBCT systems, telephonic solutions, and Web-enabled applications, and are compatible with Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions
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Virtual Skylights

The Sky Factory, Fairfield, Iowa, introduces programmable SkyCeilings™, virtual skylights that simulate the rising and setting of the sun. SkyCeilings create the illusion of nature by introducing changes of light and color in real time. The programmable features allow SkyCeilings to increase and decrease in light intensity and color to simulate the local rising and setting of the sun—and even follow the seasons. A small, computerized control device that can be programmed for any geographic area produces the many subtle changes of the system. Programmable SkyCeilings use a combination of accurate graphic information and full-spectrum 6500º Kelvin light. The bicolor Programmable SkyCeiling is enhanced by a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface that adds the color of sunrise and sunset—or, for those who wish, the drama of theatrical moonlight. Control of the programmable system can be manual or by means of personal computer or smart system technology.

The Sky Factory
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Heat-Activated NiTi Wire

MASEL, Bristol, Pa, introduces Tri-Force Thermal™, a new heat-activated, nickel-titanium archwire that has three preprogrammed forces. Gentle forces are programmed into the wire for moving light-rooted anterior teeth, moderate forces are provided for moving the heavier-rooted bicuspid region, and the heaviest forces are provided to move the strongest-rooted posterior/molar region. According to the company, Tri-Force Thermal is capable of torquing, leveling, and aligning simultaneously. It meets the demands that each section of the arch requires in order to move teeth in the most effective manner. Tri-Force Thermal is available in natural arch shape and round, square, and rectangular wire sizes with an etched center mark on uppers and lowers.

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Comfort Caps

Comfort Solutions, Langley, British Columbia, Canada, introduces its Comfort Caps product line, which is designed from mouthguard material and fits over the ORLUS TAD miniscrew anchoring device. The company also offers caps for the LOMAS miniscrews that are available from Mondeal and Raintree Essix, and are compatible with many other similarly shaped miniscrew head designs. According to the company, these protective covers bring instant relief to intraoral ulcers caused by miniscrews.

Comfort Solutions
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2008 Dental Market Data Disc

The Anaheim Group, Anaheim, Calif, publisher of Dentalfax Weekly, offers the 2008 Dental Market Data Disc. The disc includes information on companies, products, patents, trends, 510(k)s, financial data, lawsuits, acquisitions, acquisition data, and implant market shares. It includes 7 years of dental industry reviews (2001–2007); 6 years of dental industry metrics reports (2002 and 2004–2008); and DentalFax Monthly issues from 2003 through November 2008. The Dental Market Data Disc is $395. The company is also offering a 50% discount on the China Connection Specialty Reports, compiled using product information from more than 300 firms that exhibited at the 2006 FDI Meeting in Shenzhen, the 2007 Sino Dental Meeting in Beijing, and the 2008 South China Expo in Guangzhou. Each report is $52.50 when purchased with the Dental Market Data Disc.

To order the Dental Market Data Disc with or without the China Specialty Reports, call (714) 543-8007; send a fax to (714) 547-5125 or (714) 547-6257; or e-mail

LED Operating Light

Pelton & Crane, Charlotte, NC, introduces the Helios 3000 LED Operating Light. With patented color-mixing LED technology, the Helios 3000 delivers a 3- x 6-inch light pattern for optimal illumination of the oral cavity. The Helios 3000 has a NO-CURE composite setting, push-button 5000°K and 4200°K settings, multiple intensity options, precise shade-matching capabilities, and nearly zero radiant heat emission. According to the company, the LED’s conservation of energy and illumination provides a life expectancy 10 times that of existing halogen-based dental operating lights. The light is available in six mounting variations: Track, Ceiling, Cabinet, Wall, Post, and Ellipse Mounted.

Pelton & Crane
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Evaluation Kits of Impression Products

Practicon, Greenville, NC, is offering evaluation kits for its Cavex product line. Available in ColorChange, Impressional, or CA37 formulations, each kit includes a 1.1-pound bag of Cavex alginate, a trial pack of GreenClean Alginate Remover, a scoop, a beaker, and additional product information. Cavex alginate offers detailed reproduction and tear-resistant elasticity, according to the company. Evaluation kits are available to new customers (limit one per customer) for only $4.99, which includes shipping and handling. To request an evaluation kit, mention code CAVEX08, and specify either ColorChange (70-856100), Impressional (70-856102), or CA37 (70-856101).

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Extraoral Imaging System

PracticeWorks, Atlanta, introduces the KODAK 9000C 3D Extraoral Imaging System, which allows orthodontists to obtain low-dose, high-resolution, 3D images, as well as panoramic and cephalometric images. “One-shot” cephalometric technology means that image acquisition takes less than 1 second. Panoramic image quality is optimized for the jaw morphology with the new variable focal trough feature. The three-in-one system captures a localized field of view 3D image, which can be limited to an impacted cuspid area, the roots of the upper centrals, or a temporomandibular joint area. The KODAK 9000C system requires 20% less space than its predecessor, the KODAK 8000C panoramic and cephalometric system. Its motorized collimator offers a broad range of cephalometric formats. It suits any orthodontic tracing need, from the full skull (12- x 12-inch) to standard (8- x 10-inch), and a small field for lower dose exposures. The system also generates lateral, frontal, and submento-vertex images.

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Software Update

Cadent has introduced upgrades for its OrthoCAD™ software. New features include the following:

  • Jaws Alignment Control, an enhanced jaw alignment tool with more options to make occlusion adjustments;
  • ABO Discrepancy Index, a computerized index updated to new ABO specifications;
  • IQ Update, which allows users to download approved iQ cases to any OrthoCAD-enabled PC for remote access. The new software also allows unilateral interproximal reduction and the inversion of brackets;
  • a new set-up menu in IQ that shows the Rx form used for each model; and
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista® and operating systems from Windows 2000 and forward.

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Soft-Tissue Diode Laser

KaVo Dental Introduces the GENTLEray 980 Premium soft-tissue diode laser. According to the company, Proprietary GENTLEpulse Technology reduces thermal stress, virtually eliminates tissue charring, and allows minimal postoperative discomfort. The diode laser features high peak powers designed to decrease treatment time; a water-cooled handpiece, which provides cooling and irrigation to tissue and minimal postoperative discomfort; variable pulse, which provides further refinement of energy to tissue; a sterilizable fiber, which may be used multiple times without losing laser energy to the tip; a color touch screen, which clearly defines procedures and can be touched with a wet glove; and onboard tutorials, which are preset with 28 procedures. The portable laser can be used for surgical, antibacterial, and laser whitening procedures. A 2-year standard warranty is included.

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Translucent Labial Bow

Great Lakes Orthodontics introduces the ASTICS™ Translucent Labial Bow. ASTICS features a patented translucent polymer labial bow instead of traditional metal wire. The translucent bow can be used in a wraparound retainer or a retainer attached to an Adams clasp to fabricate your own appliances. According to the company, ASTICS composite wire maintains its shape better than metal wire and provides retention and durability. It can be formed to closely fit labial surfaces and will not harm restorations.

Great Lakes Orthodontics
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Data Transfer Management Software

360imaging®, Atlanta, introduces its 360client™ Image Data Transfer Management Software. The software features a 360assist™ module that allows digital lab technicians to assist with patient positioning, image filters, image reconstruction, and file management, to ensure that practitioners are obtaining the clearest CT scan images. 360client is designed to help keep patients’ digital files organized within a single program. Dental practices can share the results folder on their network, allowing other computers in the office to access patients’ digital files.

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Toothbrush and Floss

Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products, Langhorne, Pa, introduces the REACH® ULTRACLEAN™ Toothbrush and Floss. According to the company, REACH ULTRACLEAN Floss is the only flexible dental floss with proprietary MICRO-GROOVES™ technology that removes up to two times more plaque than Glide® floss products* and slides as easily as the leading Glide floss product. The REACH ULTRACLEAN Toothbrush removes more plaque than the leading toothbrush and up to 90% of plaque in places that are hard to reach, according to the company. The MICRO-GROOVES on the floss flex to adapt to the contours between the teeth, working like a squeegee to grab and remove plaque. The toothbrush offers the signature REACH angled neck, designed like a dental instrument to clean places that are hard to reach. Multilevel bristles and a dense cleansing tip are designed to thoroughly clean between teeth, behind teeth, and along the gum lines. The toothbrush also features an ergonomic handle with a thumb grip.

Johnson & Johnson

PVS Impression Material

Kettenbach LP introduces Silginat®, a medium-bodied viscosity, polyvinyl siloxane impression material. Silginat may be used for anatomical models, orthodontic appliances, splints, and case study models. Silginat is designed with a low-tear resistance to avoid dislodging restorations or orthodontic appliances. The material also has a high dimensional stability so model impressions can be kept for weeks and poured multiple times. Silginat is thixotropic and flows properly under pressure. The impression material is available in two delivery systems: 362-mL foil bags for Kettenbach’s Plug & Press® automatic dispenser (5:1 ratio); and 38-mL cartridges (1:1 ratio) with an optimal volume for a single full-arch or two quadrant impressions. The total set time for Silginat, when dispensed in cartridges, is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. When it is dispensed in foil bags, it has a total set time of 3 minutes.

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Clear Orthodontic Wire

Appliance Therapy Group introduces the Stealth Wire, a clear orthodontic wire that may be worn with clear brackets, making them almost invisible, according to the company. The wire is available in upper and lower archforms, in .016-, .018-, and .020-inch sizes. Each wire is packaged individually.

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