PracticeWorks, Atlanta, introduces the KODAK 9000C 3D Extraoral Imaging System, which allows orthodontists to obtain low-dose, high-resolution, 3D images, as well as panoramic and cephalometric images. “One-shot” cephalometric technology means that image acquisition takes less than 1 second. Panoramic image quality is optimized for the jaw morphology with the new variable focal trough feature. The three-in-one system captures a localized field of view 3D image, which can be limited to an impacted cuspid area, the roots of the upper centrals, or a temporomandibular joint area. The KODAK 9000C system requires 20% less space than its predecessor, the KODAK 8000C panoramic and cephalometric system. Its motorized collimator offers a broad range of cephalometric formats. It suits any orthodontic tracing need, from the full skull (12- x 12-inch) to standard (8- x 10-inch), and a small field for lower dose exposures. The system also generates lateral, frontal, and submento-vertex images.

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