Dentsply Sirona has updated its SureSmile Aligner Software with a streamlined patient overview, improved UI, and treatment planning tools.

Dentsply Sirona announced a series of updates to its SureSmile Aligner Software to improve the overall user experience and interface.

The company also revealed a planned integration of SureSmile VPro, an at-home high-frequency vibration (HFV) technology device, into the SureSmile workflow.

Updated treatment planning tools include an enhanced view of models and a streamlined patient management screen, making it easier for doctors to view critical information. Additionally, a simplified and streamlined prescription process improves efficiency.

The software update also gives users a new dental examination process: A 2D color model of the upper and lower dental arch. Missing teeth, fixed teeth, or teeth to be extracted are identifiable using the model.

The tooth movement icon opens a free-floating window with tabs for displacements, elastics, and measurements. The patient summary screen allows users to view important information such as the case’s full expiration date, dental exam, and prescription details.

Lastly, communication with the SureSmile Digital Lab is facilitated through a streamlined and simplified prescription process.

Image courtesy of Dentsply Sirona