The company’s patient education software includes over 900 presentations that can be used as part of case presentations to secure treatment acceptance and informed consent. 

Consult-PRO now offers cloud- and web-based dental practice management software and dental patient education software. 

CLOUDENT, the company’s practice management software, is available to all dental specialties, including orthodontics, and, according to the company, can be customized to suit the user’s specialty. The software includes waiting room management, imaging, treatment planning, billing, insurance, and patient education, and is HIPAA compliant. The company’s goal is to help practices create a paperless office. 

The company’s patient education dental software, Consult-PRO, includes over 900 presentations, across all dental specialities, including orthodontics. According to Consult PRO, the software can be used as part of case presentations to secure case acceptance and as part of record keeping and informed consent. The videos explain treatment options and techniques. They can be used chair side or emailed or texted securely to patients and are available in 20 languages. The videos are fully customizable, allowing the practice to upload their own media.