The Orthodontic Details’ Insights tool gives users of the ordering platform a real-time view of supply spend, across suppliers.

Orthodontic Details launched “Insights,” a tool within its ordering platform that reportedly gives practices a real-time view of their supply spend, across suppliers. The launch comes as the company announced the platform has been adopted by more than 100 orthodontic practices, representing 160 offices across the United States and Canada.

The Details ordering platform was built specifically for orthodontics and offers practices one place to order from any supplier. It is aimed at helping practices focus on patients rather than procurement, says the company.

“I love seeing tech and innovation like this in our profession,” said Kyle Fagala, DDS, MDS, host of The Digital Orthodontist Podcast. “Details is clearly making a positive impact in our practice.”

With Insights, practices can reportedly see their spend broken down by month, supplier, and category, all in one place.

“What really makes Insights valuable is what we as orthodontists can do with the data.” said Jeff Biggs, DDS, MS, Details co-founder and chief executive officer. “I’ve always wanted better visibility into our practice’s supply spend. But that data is spread across suppliers, and a pain to try and reconcile in Quickbooks. With Details, that spending data is centralized, automatically, unlocking amazing insights.”

Details has been quietly piloting “Insights” through the summer, which the company says is more than just a way to track spend.

“We’ve been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (and Large Learning Models in particular) since long before ChatGPT launched,” said Tom Pritchard, Details chief technology officer. “We know our customers don’t just want to see data, but want help making connections that can save them time and money. That’s where AI comes in, and Insights is just the beginning.”

Alongside practice growth, Details has seen a rapid increase in usage of the platform.

“Practices submitted more orders to suppliers in the first half of Q2 than all of Q4 last year combined.” said Carrianne Garrison Ford, Details vice president of practice success. “This shows that customers are deeply integrating us into their business, and trust us as they make purchasing decisions.”

According to the company, its growth and deep integration with customers has helped it continue to secure supplier partners, since announcing partnerships with 3M Oral Care, G&H Orthodontics, Dynaflex, Reliance, and others in April 2023.

Most recently, the company added Komet USA, Great Lakes Dental Technologies, Dental City, PUL Technologies, and Second Story Promotions, with practices ordering from more than 158 unique suppliers in August alone.

The release of Insights kicks off what Details co-founder and president Nick Wangler describes as an “ambitious” second half of 2023, with multiple announcements coming soon.

“As a technology company, we’re constantly working on new stuff based on feedback from our customers,” said Wangler. “Our current pipeline includes some of the coolest projects I’ve been a part of in my 15 years in tech. I can’t wait to show our customers what’s next.”