Imaging and Management Solutions, Chatsworth, Calif, announced the release of its new, browser-based web application—Blue.

Blue joins the company’s desktop Dolphin software which operates off a local office server and Dolphin’s cloud-based server software option.

Blue is designed for orthodontic practices. Features for pediatric dental and oral maxillofacial practices will be rolled out soon. According to the company, Blue is enterprise-ready, which means it can accommodate an extremely large number of patients with no performance degradations, while supporting multiple clinicians and office locations. Blue can also be used in smaller, less complex practice operations.

The browser-based web application was conceived, designed, and built from the ground up, according to the company. Blue connects to the Microsoft Cloud platform, allowing orthodontic practices to access data nearly anywhere at any time. Its web application requires no plug-ins or on-site computer servers, works on all popular operating systems, and runs on all devices, such as PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart phones. Blue includes automatic software updates, and additional features, such as automated backups and an unlimited amount of storage capacity.

According to a press release from the company, all data privacy compliance measures have been addressed in Blue, enabling practices to keep their Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) secure, and to stay compliant with HIPAA. In addition, Blue maintains the company’s strict privacy compliance and data security features, which are designed and implemented based on Dolphin’s parent company, Patterson Companies.

Blue is available in two tiers: Blue Imaging and Blue Enterprise.

Blue Imaging includes all imaging and patient communications, such as 2D photos and radiograph capture and archiving, image annotations, cephalometric tracings and measurements, Aquarium® patient education movies, and patient letters with images.

Blue Enterprise includes the entire feature set of Blue Imaging plus a customizable practice Dashboard with programmable widgets. In addition, Blue Enterprise includes the following practice management features: scheduling, financials, treatment card/charting, patient questionnaire, SMS (short message service feature), electronic claims, appointment reminders (via SMS or email), care calls, electronic signature, and practice reporting.

Pricing for Blue is subscription-based. A choice of payment plans are available.

According to a press release, customers currently using an existing Dolphin practice management system are encouraged to migrate to Blue.