MouthWatch opened nominations for its Teledentistry Innovation Awards, recognizing those who seek to expand access to oral care.

MouthWatch has opened nominations for its 6th annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards, “The Tellies.” The awards recognize individuals, organizations, and programs utilizing teledentistry and virtual dental care applications to expand access to care and improve oral health.

Nominations are open until September 15, 2023, and can be submitted on The Tellies’ website. Tellie award winners will be announced during the 2023 Greater New York Dental Meeting taking place November 24-29, 2023. The location and time of the Tellie Awards event will be announced separately.

With the growth of teledentistry expanding into a range of virtual-first care applications focused on oral health, an increasing number of organizations are supporting health through services such as Dentistry.One, a virtual-first dental care network introduced by MouthWatch earlier this year.

Inspired by Dentistry.One, MouthWatch added three new categories to this year’s Teledentistry Innovation Awards: employers, industry innovators, and payers. The addition of these categories now provides seven opportunities for individuals, organizations, and programs to be recognized for outstanding work in advancing oral health. Original categories include dentists, hygienists, oral health programs, and educational institutions.

“The addition of new Tellie Award categories is a direct reflection of the growing number of individuals and organizations who recognize not only the benefits of teledentistry and virtual dental care, but also the new ways these benefits can reach patients,” said Brant Herman, founder and chief executive officer of MouthWatch and Dentistry.One. “We are excited to recognize and honor those who use these innovative solutions to bring more people into the dental care journey, while driving greater efficiency in the delivery of oral care.”

Dentistry.One offers a comprehensive virtual-first dental care solution designed to transform the traditional dental patient care journey with a nationwide network of on-demand dentists and care advisors who help expand access to care and improve health outcomes for today’s patients.