The 2020 Cellerant winner announced it is expanding the platform’s tools, while launching a new patient intraoral camera for remote monitoring use. 

Dentulu, a teledentistry and mobile dentistry platform company, is expanding its services to include artificial intelligence, diagnostic tools, communication tools, and office management services beyond its free offerings. The company is also launching “MouthCam,” a consumer intraoral camera that reportedly costs less than $99 for use in remote patient monitoring. 

The company plans to announce a series of partnerships later this month and into May and will reportedly launch at least one new products or service every quarter. As part of these new partnerships, Dentulu announced its acquisition of Robohealer AI. 

Dental professionals can register for free on Dentulu and participate in its open platform and begin using many of its free features or upgrade their account to take access additional software solutions. Dentulu mobile app is available on both Android and iOS phone or directly from the company’s website. 

The platform received the 2020 Cellerant “Best of Class” technology award for teledentistry.