DentalMonitoring has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Align Technology over certain remote monitoring technologies.

DentalMonitoring announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Align Technology.

In the lawsuit, DentalMonitoring asserts that Align Technology’s Virtual Care AI solution infringes on three of DentalMonitoring’s patents pertaining to remote monitoring technology.

“DentalMonitoring was founded in 2014 and introduced the world’s first AI driven remote monitoring solution for orthodontics. We have invested €150m to date and have over 200 patents and pending patent applications to cover the intellectual property that we have created,” said Philippe Salah, CEO and co-founder of DentalMonitoring. “We have the full support of our board of directors, investors and employees to act vigorously to defend against any infringement of our patents. We are confident that the US courts will find in our favor.”

The lawsuit covers U.S. Patent numbers. 10,755,409; 11,049,248; and 11,109,945.

“DentalMonitoring has always been focused on innovation and investing heavily into research and development with the goal of helping our customers advance oral healthcare,” said Salah. “This is in our DNA and we cannot condone others exploiting our intellectual property without any commercial agreement.”

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