ClearPilot 5.0 features editing enhancements and new analysis tools, allowing clinicians to further customize treatment plans.

ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand and manufacturer of clear aligners, announced ClearPilot 5.0, providing clinicians a comprehensive 3D visual interface, amplified 3D controls, and enhanced analysis capabilities.

ClearPilot is a treatment setup platform that gives clinicians the flexibility and control to achieve customized patient outcomes. ClearPilot 5.0 features new analysis tools, including Bolton tables and charts, tooth movement assessments, and collision monitoring and alerts; and editing enhancements, including multiple tooth grouping and compass tooth and multi-tooth editing.

“The launch of ClearPilot 5.0 makes our platform both more sophisticated and more flexible for the clinicians who use it,” said Kent Braud, vice president of sales and marketing, North America. “These upgrades assure a more intuitive platform that will ultimately empower clinicians to further tailor treatment plans and achieve transformative results for patients.”

The ClearPilot 5.0 launch follows ClearCorrect’s recent enhancement of the premier aligner. The clinical features include cutouts for elastics with more clinical control to perform complex movements; and bite ramps to treat deep bites and cross bites.

ClearCorrect is engineered for precision, comfort, and esthetics to help dental professionals achieve optimal results in a wide variety of cases, made more customizable with cutouts and bite ramps.