New updates enable orthodontists to deliver profitable and in-demand treatments.

3Shape announced software upgrades for its Clear Aligner Studio and Indirect Bonding Studio orthodontic software solutions. The updates are designed to optimize and add new tools to the workflows for the planning, design and production of clear aligners and digital indirect bonding treatments.

3Shape Clear Aligner Studio and 3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio are part of a suite of five unique 3Shape Studio apps that enable professionals to deliver clear aligners, digital indirect bonding, as well as same-day dentistry, splints and implants to their patients.

3Shape Clear Aligner Studio software gives practices and labs full control over the design and production workflow and the opportunity to produce clear aligners in-house. The new 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio, version 2019.2, adds features intended to considerably increase treatment control and efficiency.

Enhanced collision detection provides proactive real-time collision detection that halts teeth movement when space is already occupied by another tooth. The update’s occlusion feature enables professionals to manually arrange the bite based on a quality distance map, while attachment groups allow the users to set up and switch between different groups of attachments for efficiency. 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio also now includes the functionality to overlay the malocclusion on the ideal setup, enabling the viewing of both the malocclusion and the ideal setup of teeth at the same time.

Meanwhile, 3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio enables users to plan treatments and place brackets with improved digital precision. The software’s real-time treatment outcome simulation supports planning and can also be used to engage patients. Once bracket placement is validated digitally in the software, professionals can design and print the indirect bonding tray for the actual bracket bonding.

3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio, version 2019.2, includes auto-complete and quick previews, which allows users to pre-select brackets, arch shapes, prescriptions and an on-and-off option for distributing teeth evenly. In addition, the new malocclusion versus final setup superimposition view provides a better overview of the treatment, including tooth movement, for the orthodontist and for engaging patients. 3Shape Indirect Bonding Suite also includes synchronous arch shape adjustment to ensure that the upper and lower jaw stay aligned during adjustment as well as easy access to Bolton, tooth width, space analysis tools, and bracket prescription tables within the workflow.

Both 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio and Indirect Bonding Studio can be purchased as stand-alone 3Shape Studio apps by practices. For labs, the clear aligner and indirect bonding upgrades are included in the 3Shape Ortho System Premium package.