Adstra Systems now offers its Charting™ Treatment Planning and Charting Software as a stand-alone system.

After more than 6 years of being available only as an add-on to Adstra’s practice-management software, the Charting program integrates seamlessly with Claims Plus™ free management software program, which allows users to submit billing information electronically to Emdeon (formerly WebMD). 
The software program allows users to create and manage odontograms. Dental charts can be created for examinations, for completed treatment, and for planned treatment. There are four views of the chart: maxillary, mandibular, buccal, and palatal-lingual. The charting tools are grouped by type: general, periodontal, restorative, and endodontic. Multiple charts can be opened at the same time, and pockets and recessions are represented graphically.
Adstra Charting offers tools for charting a wide range of tooth conditions. Users can set their own preferences for general chart, periodontal chart, restoration materials, and the connection between procedures and tools. Users can also define exam templates and incorporate them into the patient’s chart.
The program also allows users to input, store, and review measurements for periodontal readings. Users can measure and enter gingival recession and pocket depths, and chart bleeding, suppuration, furcation, blunted papilla, cratered papilla, erosion, attrition, abrasion, and mobility. For charting plaque, a special surface map appears. Users can compare exams for values or changes in pockets or recessions, and calculate indices.
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[Adstra Systems, October 1, 2008]