The platform allows DynaFlex customers to submit prescriptions and digital files, and includes a number of features, including a template library. 

DynaFlex has launched DynaFusion, their own new digital prescription submission software. The free platform for DynaFlex customers allows users to submit prescriptions and digital files, while giving the practice team access to fully manage orthodontic and sleep laboratory cases. 

Once a prescription is submitted, users can reference or check the status of those cases through the DynaFusion Current Cases management system. The portal allows users to track case shipments and pay invoices, all with one login. 

According to the company, DynaFusion allows the practice or a DynaFlex Designer (in coordination with the practice) to establish a library of templates. A template is a pre-saved Rx form that includes the office’s most commonly used treatment for a particular case type. Offices can create an unlimited number of templates and assign them to the Rx form that best suits the case type. The company’s designers are available to help users set up and organize their most used templates for quicker submission, for free. 

The platform makes current cases and case history both sortable and searchable. DynaFusion is directly linked to DynaFlex’s ERP system, meaning all cases will instantly be assigned a case number and placed in the user’s DynaFlex account. This information can be reviewed in detail within DynaFusion as well as on the company’s long-standing online accounting and tracking portal. 

In a press release, the company said it plans to progressively evolve the DynaFusion platform going forward.