EasyRx, Atlanta, announced the addition of an Artifact Removal Tool to its EasyRx universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for orthodontic practices and labs.

With the Artifact Removal Tool, EasyRx users can remove scan remnants around STL/Digital Model files taken from 3D scanners. These remnants are usually items like an accidental scan of a clinician’s finger, a patient’s cheek, floating edges, and otherwise unwanted scan data. Artifact Removal removes this data leaving the rest of the model to trim, base, and label without requiring the use of other third-party software for model cleanup.

This new feature combines with the existing EasyRx Auto-Optimizer, which preps the model prior to editing by remeshing, filling small voids, and addressing self-intersects automatically, to make EasyRx 3D a faster cloud-based 3D editor for practices and lab.