Building on the principles established by the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists (RWISO), a new global educational program is being launched by a team or orthodontists from around the world. The new Functional and Cosmetic Excellence (FACE) program is designed to provide a 1-year comprehensive course of study in orthodontics and interdisciplinary dentistry, according to an announcement from Ormco, the exclusive sponsor of the program. The FACE program will launch in early 2010.

“FACE is about achieving excellence in patient treatment, while also providing distinctive value to the clinician,” said Domingo Martin, MD, DDS, a member of the FACE team. “We want to instruct doctors on how they can achieve the best functional occlusion in the most efficient manner for maximum stability. This allows the clinician to achieve consistent, high-quality results for patients that last a lifetime. Our goal is to make good orthodontists better through comprehensive diagnosis and the use of modern diagnostic tools.”

According to an announcement about the program, the FACE philosophy involves multiple dental specialties in treatment planning and diagnosis as well as emphasizes three basic principles, including:
– A focus on developing smile aesthetics based on genetic morphology;
– Functional occlusion for facial balance, lip support, efficient chewing and healthy gum tissues; and
– Proper joint function for lifelong stability.

FACE courses will be held throughout the United States as well as in Spain, Italy, and South America. The curriculum includes a series of five courses presented in lecture format with opportunities for technical and hands-on clinical experience.