Ormco Corp, Orange, Calif, has released a new software update for Insignia Advanced Smile Design, its orthodontic software and appliance system that combines 3D diagnostic technology and interactive treatment planning to create customized patient solutions. The Insignia 21.8.1 software upgrade offers users new molar tube options and re-engineered placement jigs for improved clinical efficiency and enhanced case personalization.

The update comes as the company announced that Insignia has reached a significant milestone, reaching the 100,000 patient case mark.

The latest version of Insignia—which is currently available for download—allows orthodontists to now choose from SnapLink, Accent Mini, or Custom TIB tubes. According to the company, with these additional options for treatment submissions, bond strength can be increased by at least 30% while providing reduced profiles for optimal patient comfort. In addition, the re-engineered placement jigs are designed to offer clinicians and patients a more precise, controlled, and reliable bonding experience. And with full occlusal coverage, clinicians are able to secure a more stable fit to help decrease unwanted movement, according to the company.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design allows orthodontists to review and conduct a thorough smile analysis based on each patient’s specific smile anatomy. With customized treatment based on each specific facial feature, the software is designed to help orthodontists eliminate minor adjustments and tweaks throughout the treatment process, leading to fewer in-office visits, shorter treatment time, and improved patient comfort.

The company also offers the Insignia Doctor Locator.