Throughout the next year, Ormco Corporation, Orange, Calif, plans to complete the development of an end-to-end digital software solution that integrates 3D digital scanning, diagnostics, outcome visualization, treatment planning, custom appliances, and custom lab products. The solution is being developed to assist clinicians with driving treatment directly to its desired finish with efficiency and ease-of-use.

To meet this goal, the company announced that it plans to scale its digital business aggressively in 2014, building upon its current digital suite of products, which includes the Lythos Digital Impression System, Insignia Advanced Smile Design, Clearguide Express aligners, DigiCast study models, and custom lab appliances offered through Ormco|AOA Lab.

Beyond Ormco’s digital platform expansion, the company has plans to introduce a number of advancements designed to help orthodontists work easier and faster. In the short term, Ormco’s Insignia will expand to incorporate all of the appliance types needed to treat patients, including a wider selection of customized aligners, self-ligating lingual, new aesthetics, and traditional twin appliance options.

Other developments for the company include the integration of Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging systems. With Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging, Ormco plans to offer dental professionals more accurate root-based data in Insignia, simulated patient outcomes, and advanced treatment planning with 3D Ceph analysis, and airway analysis.

“To establish Ormco as the market leader in digital orthodontics, we have dedicated an unprecedented amount of resources to build a single, easy-to-use platform that will allow orthodontists to design and plan any case using an extensive variety of appliance options,” said Vicente Reynal, president of Ormco.