The update to Dentsply Sirona’s digital aligner software includes new user controls when treating cases of varying complexity and allows for production of in-house aligners. 

The SureSmile 2020 User Conference wrapped up last week in San Diego, giving attendees a first look at the new updated version of the SureSmile platform. This update to Dentsply Sirona’s digital aligner software provides clinicians with more options for individual treatment planning. 

SureSmile Software 7.6 will be released in April. 

According to the company, SureSmile 7.6 offers an easy introduction to SureSmile aligner treatment, full control when treating cases of varying complexity, and allows for production of aligners in-house. The platform also supports treatment options beyond aligners, including indirect bonding of brackets, surgery planning, and patient-specific archwires. 

Additional features include the ability to treat malocclusions of Angle Class II and III with aligners. Digitally planned cut-outs enable the use of intermaxillary elastics. The IPR section has also been revised and now offers an overview of the optimal IPR sequence. 

SureSmile 7.6 also includes new treatment controls, such as an aesthetically appealing scalloped aligner shape to give the clinician more control over how far the aligner overlaps the gingiva. The aligner margin thus follows the course of the gingival margin exactly. This is intended to deliver a high level of comfort to the patient. In terms attachments, the software update allows users to adapt attachments in terms of number as well as shape and size to suit specific tooth movements.