OraMetrix will announce the latest advancement in its SureSmile® system, which combines 3D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment-plan modeling and robotic archwire bending, at the AAO Meeting on Friday, May 16, at 11:30 AM at the Grant Hyatt Hotel in Denver.

OraMetrix has developed the capability to transform a 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scan image of the mouth and teeth into a 3D computer model, providing a complete picture of the teeth, including roots. According to the company, this new capability gives orthodontists significantly more data for planning treatment and manufacturing custom wires for patients’ braces.

The integration of the CBCT data into OraMetrix’s proprietary treatment-planning software is the latest advancement in the SureSmile system, a doctor-driven digital therapeutic solution for the practice of orthodontics. A 3D image of the patient’s dentition, now captured intraorally or through CBCT, provides SureSmile the data that allows control of treatment through virtual diagnostic simulations, instant quality grading tools, prescriptive planning capabilities, and robotic archwire customization.

"SureSmile and CBCT diagnostic imaging are perfect complements allowing the orthodontist to utilize the CBCT data all the way through to the design of therapeutic appliances," said Phil Getto, OraMetrix’s chief technology officer. "Using digitally engineered mechanics for treatment planning, SureSmile is the only therapeutic system that allows you to leverage CBCT imaging to its fullest potential."
"With this new advancement, we can now go beyond simple estimation of where the roots are when planning treatment and manufacturing wires for patients braces," said Ed Lin, DDS, Green Bay, Wis, who has beta-tested SureSmile with CBCT scan data for the last year.

SureSmile continues to offer the OraScanner optical scanner for diagnostic imaging when using the SureSmile System. According to the company, the OraScanner is the best option for patients currently ineligible for CBCT-based modeling, such as those with large fillings, plastic brackets, and auxiliary appliances. OraMetrix expects that these limitations will be eliminated in the future.

The SureSmile session on Friday, May 16, at the Grand Hyatt is open to all AAO Orthodontists and their staffs. To RSVP, call (877) 497-7873 or register here.

[OraMetrix, May 6, 2008]