Learn about the latest Spark Aligner features released by Ormco, including:

  • Spark Approver Web allows you to:  Save, modify, and secure files in the cloud; save time with no installation updates required; switch seamlessly between desktop and cloud as needed.
  • Spark Approver open file platform which is directly integrated with DEXIS IOS ScanFlow, making case submission easier and faster.
    • With one single click from IS ScanFlow, the dataset and corresponding patient information and STL files are captured by the Spark system, automatically creating a new case on the Spark DTX portal
    • Expanded Real Time Approval: Make instant changes to instantly improve efficiencies with Passive Aligner Editing. Gain more flexibility when adding and editing passive aligners.
    • TruRoot CBCT Collision Alert System: Predict and prevent collisions during treatment to help doctors plan treatments with more precautions. This feature automatically detects and highlights areas on the root surfaces that are touching or penetrating cortical bone.
    • Aligner Trimline: Take the guesswork out your workflow with and accurate visualization of the actual trimline in the Approver Software.

LEARN MORE: Alyssa Emory-Carter, DDS, MS, talks about how she integrated Spark Clear Aligners into her clinical workflow and her own in-office analysis comparing Spark to other clear aligner brands

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