Darby Dental Supply LLC, Jericho, NY, has begun distribution of the 12th edition of its 84-page Darby Rewards Guide. The Rewards Guide is currently available to Darby customers and all dental practices nationwide. 

Darby customers and their families can select rewards from the Darby Rewards Guide using DarbyPerks™ obtained by ordering the dental and office supplies they need through Darby Dental. Whether Darby customers opt to redeem their DarbyPerks instantly or save them in their DarbyPerks bank, they have a selection of more than 600 rewards to choose from.

Darby customers may select as many reward items as they wish, as long as they have enough DarbyPerks. Awards range from a Level One Cuisinart® Appliance Ensemble to a “Best-in-Class” Royal Caribbean® 7-night Mediterranean cruise. Customers also have the option to choose among hundreds of Gift Card Rewards redeemable at retailers, restaurants, airlines, and hotels.

For complete details of the Darby Rewards Program, click here.

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