Kettenbach, Huntington Beach, Calif, offers the Plug & Press® dispenser system automix dispenser for bulk-packaged impression materials. The Plug & Press is designed for prefilled 5:1 foil bags.

According to Kettenbach, the Plug & Press dispenser system can mix and dispense a wide range of viscosities intended to provide the user with a homogenous, void-free impression material. All of Kettenbach’s tray materials can be dispensed using the Plug & Press dispenser system: Panasil® binetics putty, Panasil® tray heavy, and Panasil® monophase medium. It also dispenses Kettenbach’s alginate alternatives, Silginat® and Kettosil®. The Plug & Press dispenser system is compatible with most foil bags and directly filled maxi-cartridge materials that have a 5:1 mixing ratio.
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