The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) has announced a YouTube-style contest for video clips that promote infection control in the operatory. Anyone can enter the I See IC Dental Reality Contest by uploading a video clip to the OSAP Web site. The video clips will be posted on, where visitors can vote for their favorites.
To enter the I See IC Contest, participants should prepare a video clip of up to 90 seconds in length that either captures good infection-control procedures in action or unmasks the hazards of poor technique. Clips may be serious, humorous, or downright offbeat, as long as they get their message across. A link on the OSAP Web site will allow entrants to upload their video clips for consideration. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2007. A panel of judges will evaluate the clips for scientific and creative merit. Prizes will be awarded both to the judges’ choice and the winner of the popular vote.
Contest rules and criteria for acceptable entries will be posted on the OSAP Web site. There is no charge to enter. All entries become the property of OSAP. For more information, go to