The CDC DentalCheck app lets users review basic infection prevention principles to help dental professionals stay compliant.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released the CDC DentalCheck app to help dental professionals ensure they are meeting the requirements for infection prevention.

Dental health care personnel can use the mobile application CDC DentalCheck to periodically assess their practices and ensure they meet the minimum expectations for safe care.

The CDC’s free app puts the Infection Prevention Checklist for Dental Settings in an easy-to-use format for use on a phone or tablet.

The app allows users to review basic infection prevention principles and links to full recommendations and source documents for dental health care settings. It also can export or save results and notes for records management.

The infection prevention coordinator and other staff trained in infection prevention are encouraged to use this app at least annually to assess the status of their administrative policies and practices and engage in direct observation of personnel and patient-care practices.

The CDC DentalCheck app is available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store and Android devices on Google Play.

Screenshot via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention