Candid’s partnership with Altius Healthcare Management will help bring clear aligner treatment to underserved rural areas in Texas.

Candid has partnered with Altius Healthcare Management to bring their fusion of in-person and remote orthodontic technology to practices throughout Texas, particularly in underserved rural areas.

The partnership will provide high-demand clear aligner treatment to Altius’ patients and use Candid’s ability to reach rural populations.

Founded in 2016, Altius is committed to bringing excellent oral healthcare to rural Texans.

“Our founders noticed that providers in rural areas were retiring and younger dentists were not taking their places,” said Darren Boggs, Altius CEO. “We increase access to dental services in these smaller markets while providing stable career opportunities in the communities we serve.”

Candid is positioned to meet the needs of Altius’ patients by minimizing in-person appointments.

The company’s remote monitoring platform, CandidMonitoring, lets patients share photos of their teeth with their dentist every 14 days to ensure treatment is tracking according to plan.

While the treating clinician may recommend as many in-person appointments as possible, only two are required—one for pre-treatment records and one for post-treatment records.

“In rural areas, access to care is limited—especially for orthodontics,” said Boggs. “In many cases, our patients must drive over 30 minutes to find an orthodontist. Our goal is to provide a strong alternative to traditional braces that is affordable and convenient for our patients. We think Candid aligns perfectly with our mission of expanding access to care in rural communities.”

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