The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) has released the fourth installment of a new series on compartmentalizing infection control policies and procedures. The series, called "The Instrument Processing Room," deals with the area in which instruments are cleaned, sterilized, and prepared for the next patient.

"The Instrument Processing Room" identifies key steps in the proper handling and preparation of instruments and addresses common pitfalls in instrument processing. The multipart article includes a glossary, practice tips, a section on infectious diseases around the world, and links to additional resources. It provides information on issues of concern to employers and staff as well as techniques for protecting patients and the dental team. Upon successfully completing the included test, participants can receive one continuing education credit.

The six issues of 2008’s Infection Control in Practice (ICIP) cover a full day in a dental practice, from before the first patient walks through the door to getting ready to go home. The series began with "Before You Walk in the Door," then proceeded to "The Reception Area" and "The Operatory." Future issues will include "Support Equipment" (radiology, dental lab, nitrous, etc) and "Ending the Day" (records management, waste management, laundry, documentation of staff meeting notes, and planning for the next day).

A subscription to ICIP (available electronically and in printed form) is one of many benefits of an OSAP membership. Individual issues of ICIP are also available for a fee.

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