In this episode of In the Sterilization Room with Jackie, infection prevention and sterilization expert Jackie Dorst, RDH, BS, provides a readout of the recent OSAP (Organization for Safety Asepsis and Prevention) annual conference which was held virtually August 13 to 15. She shares the takeaways that are relevant to the orthodontic community, starting with a panel discussion on PPE, which included a number of PPE manufacturers. They explained the state of the supply chain and what is to come for mask, gown, and glove availability in the coming months. There was good news and bad news. The good news: The supply chain for masks should stabilize by the end of the year. The bad news: Disposable gowns and glove supplies could be limited. Jackie talks about how orthodontic practices can get around potential shortages. For disposable gowns, practices might want to look at switching to reusable gowns or using a laundry service. And for gloves, practices should be looking at how they can preserve their gloves. 

Jackie shares what the panel of medical experts had to say about the timeline for a vaccine and the importance of getting the flu vaccine this year. The panel also talked about the latest news in testing—specifically the SalivaDirect test that made the news last week. She also touches on what the experts had to say about aerosol mitigation in the dental setting and what some of the research is showing when it comes to the different products available. 

Jackie then shares what the OSAP panelists had to say about the future and how this experience should and could change how we respond to viruses and handle infection prevention in the future. OP