This updated model reportedly offers fully automatic cleaning, purging, and lubrication of a variety of equipment. 

J. Morita USA released the Lubrina 2 handpiece maintenance system. According to the company, this updated model offers fully automatic cleaning, purging, and lubrication of a wide variety of equipment in less times with reduced operating cost. 

The Lubrina 2 has a sleek, new design with clean air-blow technology. It features dual solenoid valves and a dedicated conduit, allowing it to supply clean air without a mix of oil, as can be found in conventional units. According to J. Morita, the system can reduce maintenance time and oil consumption, as the unit reportedly uses 1/4 the oil of manual lubrication. 

The Lubrina 2 is compatible with 4-hole, 5-hold, and 6-pin connections. Up to four e-type contra-angles, air driven handpieces, Morita endo contra angles, or air scalers may be cleaned at once with a programmed lubrication amount and service time. Air turbine maintenance can be performed in approximately 20 seconds per handpiece, according to the company. In addition, with its dual lubrication system, one or two different brands of spray may be used in the same cycle.

Lubrina 2 comes equipped with a new built-in oil mist reduction mechanism to help eliminate oil scatter in the operating area. The control panel is flat and the front door can be removed for easy access and cleaning.