What’s new, from brackets to software

Tridimensional Archwire

G&H Wire, Franklin, Ind, introduces a new stainless steel archwire design, the Dynamica™. The tridimensional archwire is designed to improve incisor intrusion, torque, and retraction. The three distinct arch segments are designed to achieve different treatment objectives.

The anterior segment is a full-sized S3 Stainless Steel segment that engages the centrals and laterals with full expression of bracket preangulations. This segment is offset gingivally, causing intrusive forces on incisors to increase torque.

The intermediate segment is located between the laterals and cuspids, and its dimension rigidly supports the archform in both the horizontal and vertical planes. It may be alternatively positioned incisally for anterior extrusion.

The posterior section is made of XR1TM heat-treated stainless steel. Its undersized dimension allows for free sliding retraction.

G&H Wire
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Wireless Telephone System

Jazinga Inc, Toronto, now offers the Jazinga telephone system for small businesses. Jazinga is an Internet protocol/private branch exchange appliance that combines the features of corporate telephone systems with wireless networking, fax, and e-mail. Designed for small businesses with up to 20 employees, the Jazinga system can be set up in less than 10 minutes, according to the company. Users plug Internet protocol or traditional public switched telephone network telephones into the network, and the Jazinga system auto-detects and configures them. An on-screen wizard guides the customer through a few business-related questions that help configure the system. Jazinga features include an auto-attendant, voicemail, conferencing, call forwarding, and on-hold music.

Jazinga Inc
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Antimicrobial Scrubs

Mydent International, Hauppauge, NY, introduces Defend® Silpure-Treated cotton poly scrubs with antimicrobial properties. Silpure is ionized silver that is woven into textiles during the manufacturing process, resulting in fabric with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Since Silpure is a treatment and not a coating, it cannot be washed away and will remain effective for the life of the garment, according to the company. Scrubs treated with Silpure not only help reduce the risk of cross-contamination, they stay cleaner and fresher because Silpure also kills odor-causing bacteria. Defend Silpure-Treated Cotton Poly Scrubs are a 65/35 blend, with v-neck scrub tops and drawstring bottoms. The drawstring pants have a rear hip pocket; the v-neck tops have set-in sleeves and a left breast pocket. They have safety-stitched seams and reinforced stress points, and are available in five colors in small to extralarge unisex sizes. As with all Defend products, Silpure-treated scrubs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mydent International
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Self-Ligating Brackets

Ortho-byte, Wilmington, Del, offers Autonomy™ Self-Ligating Brackets. According to the company, the nickel-free steel brackets are one of the smallest appliances, making them comfortable for patients. They open with an explorer and close with the touch of a finger. Opening the clip with a finger is not possible, which prevents patient intrusion. The clip remains passive with up to a .018- x .022-inch archwire dimension. When more force is necessary, the passive system can be activated by increasing the archwire dimension. The brackets have a four-point contact slot with rounded edges. A true twin, four-tie-wing design permits increased rotational control and the use of chain elastics. Autonomy brackets feature small ball hooks on the cuspids and bicuspids, as well as a compound contoured base with built-in torque and angulations. A vertical scribe line is designed to help in accurate placement, and the brackets are color-coded for easy identification. Autonomy Self-Ligating Brackets are available in Roth and MBT prescriptions, with a .018 or .022 slot.

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The 2008 Dental Industry Review

The 2008 Dental Industry Review© is now available. The 245-page comprehensive report highlights the key events in the worldwide dental industry in 2008. The 2008 Dental Industry Review covers acquisitions and sales multiples; bankruptcies and corporate restructurings; dental implant market shares and growth; management changes; litigation; and market growth estimates for equipment, consumables, over-the-counter oral care products, and implants. Distribution agreements, developments, and market shares are also covered. The acquisitions and sales multiples section enables readers to calculate the market value of a company. The CD-ROM contains the Review in both Microsoft Word® and PDF formats. The 2008 Dental Industry Review also has a comprehensive Innovation Index that offers a complete list of dental FDA Product Marketing Clearances, United States Dental Patents, and European Patent Office (EPO) and World International Patent Office (WIPO) Dental Patents issued in 2008.

The Anaheim Group
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WildSmiles Brackets, Omaha, Neb, offers WildSmiles brackets, an alternative to conventional square brackets that come in a choice of shapes: star, heart, soccer ball, flower, super-diamond, and football. WildSmiles brackets allow patients to personalize their smiles. The stainless steel twin brackets, manufactured and assembled in the United States, work with Roth and MBT systems and are available for the maxillary anterior teeth only.

WildSmiles Brackets

Hands-free Towel Dispenser

Practicon Inc, Greenville, NC, offers the redesigned Hands-free Roll Towel Dispenser. The dispenser features adjustable towel length, time delay, paper-saving mode, and a front-access battery compartment. When a hand is placed below the dispenser, an electronic eye sensor detects the need and dispenses a 9-, 12-, or 15-inch-long towel automatically. The dispenser also features a 600-foot towel refill with automatic transfer from a stub roll. A lockable, high-impact tinted plastic cover shows low supply. The dispenser accepts towel rolls up to 8 1/4 inches in diameter x 8 1/4 inches wide.

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Photography Stand

CliniPix, Wellington, Fla, offers the triview photography stand. According to the company, using the stand is a simple method for recording dental models and storing the image in your computer. The device allows you to use any camera (digital or film) and create a clear and accurate image of three critical angles of a plaster mold. Two hinged, rhodium-played, front-surface glass mirrors provide the background. A black matte finish on the base ensures that there will be no reflection. The stand can be stored flat and assembled quickly.

(561) 793-4142

Cements and Conditioner

GC America, Alsip, Ill, introduces Fuji Ortho LC Automix, Fuji Ortho Band LC Automix, and Ortho Gel Conditioner. Fuji Ortho LC (for brackets) and Fuji Ortho Band LC are dual-cured, resin-reinforced glass ionomer cements available in automix paste packs. Both release fluoride long-term to aid in the prevention of white spot lesions. Ortho Gel Conditioner is a 20% polyacrylic acid designed to mildly condition enamel. It is available in a syringe delivery with brush tips for easy application. All three products are now available from GC Authorized Dental Dealers.

GC America
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Lingual Brackets

FORESTADENT USA, St Louis, offers new bracket types within the 2D lingual bracket system. A total thickness of 1.3 to 1.65 mm, rounded edges, and smooth surfaces make the brackets comfortable for the patient. The 2D lingual brackets are well suited for clinicians who would like to enter the field of lingual orthodontics, according to the company. A low profile ensures that the archwire is held close to the tooth surface, allowing the system effective biomechanics, especially for the correction of tipping and rotated teeth. The 2D lingual brackets are offered in a wide variety of bracket types. The brackets may be bonded directly, eliminating laboratory costs.

The following designs of the third generation of 2D lingual brackets are now available:

  • The 2D lingual bracket with T-hook for fixing elastic chains;
  • the 2D plus lingual bracket with additional slot allowing torque to be applied to a single tooth; and
  • the 2D plus lingual bracket with a gingival hook for applying intermaxillary elastics.

New BioLingual® archwires and lingual tubes designed for lingual treatment are also now available. The mushroom-shaped archwires are available in six different shapes and each shape in four different sizes.

(800) 721-4940

Turbine Handpiece

J. Morita, Irvine, Calif, now offers the new TwinPower Turbine handpiece. The TwinPower is designed with a 45° head angle for maximum access and visibility. It offers 22 watts of power and a head height of only 13.2 mm. TwinPower provides contamination control with zero suck-back in the airline. Its double impeller rotor design, exclusive to TwinPower handpieces, delivers constant torque and controlled speed, even under high-load conditions. Other features include glass rod optics, rapid braking, and direct connection to popular coupling systems.

J. Morita
(888) 566-7482

Rear Cabinet System

Sirona Dental Systems, Charlotte, NC, introduces the new “Exclusive” rear cabinet system from Sirona by Kappler. The “Exclusive” rear cabinet comes with sliding work surfaces for both orthodontist and assistant, accommodating both left- and right-handed practitioners. Designed for either two- and four-handed dentistry, it allows practitioners to use various organization methods, including tub and tray systems. The cabinet permits the incorporation of a CPU in the upper section, as well as electrical outlets, a flat-screen monitor, USB outlets, and any required peripheral equipment.

Sirona Dental Systems
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Anatomage, San Jose, Calif, makers of volumetric imaging software, has introduced a new feature, InVivoDental 3D VTO. The new feature allows for 3D soft-tissue deformation using your Cone Beam CT scan and an integrated patient photo. This allows for surgical and orthodontic simultations to see the 3D aesthetic outcome.

(408) 885-1474

CBCT Scanner

VATECH and E-Woo Technology USA, Houston, introduce Master 3DS, the newest member of its comprehensive dental CBCT family. Master 3DS features a new GPU solution, a 3D reconstruction time of less than 35 seconds, and 3D CT scan times of 15 seconds for normal and 24 seconds for high def.

The field-of-view (FOV) selection provision enables the user to select the optimum FOV size (20 x 19 cm/20 x 15 cm, 16 x 10 cm, or 16 x 7 cm) and limits the radiation dosage to only the necessary level for examining the region of interest. For example, the FOV size of 20 x 19 cm captures a comprehensive 3D view of the entire oral and maxillofacial anatomy—including the TMJ, sinus, and airways—on a single 360° scan, whereas the FOV of 16 x 7 cm would capture both the mandibular condyle and upper and lower occlusion area.

The Master 3D series provides a selection of voxel sizes. The smaller voxel size (0.164 mm) offers the highest image quality, while normal voxel sizes (0.3 mm, 0.4 mm) are suitable for diagnostic images with less reconstruction time and smaller file size.

The new Master 3DS also offers three types of patient positioning: standing, seated (optional chair), and wheelchair-confined patient accessibility.

E-Woo Technology USA Inc
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Acquisition Module

PracticeWorks Systems LLC, Atlanta, introduces the first in a series of new modules designed to help dental practitioners work more efficiently. Designed for workstations used solely for x-ray capture, the Acquisition Module provides the necessary link between the x-ray equipment and the PC or practice network. The lightweight application is compatible with both traditional and touch-screen controls.

By communicating with the practice-management software’s scheduler, the module allows the practitioner to quickly capture images for patients who need x-rays right away. Orthodontists can also access patients scheduled earlier and later in the day.

Upon its initial release, the Acquisition Module will integrate with the latest versions of Kodak Softdent and Practiceworks Practice Management Software, with future support available for other Kodak premier practice-management software.

PracticeWorks Systems LLC
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Disposable Lab Coats and Jackets

First Medica™, Greensboro, NC, now offers Medflex™ and Valueflex™ lab coats and jackets. The new line includes the Medflex Original, Medflex Premium, and Valueflex disposable lab coats and jackets. According to the company, First Medica MedFlex fabric is cool on the inside and repellent on the outside, allowing it to breathe as it protects. The unisex apparel is available in sizes from small to extralarge. Color choices include pink, purple, teal, and blue. The lab coats and jackets are nonallergenic and can be autoclaved for repeated use to save money.

First Medica

Illuminating Cheek Retractors

Lester A. Dine Inc, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla, introduces its new eBite dental examination light. The LED lighting device provides intraoral illumination and cheek retraction for dentists. The eBite is designed for those working without a chair light or in a limited lighting environment. The device is autoclavable and cold-sterilizable, and provides cheek retraction for anterior, lingual, and occlusal photography. The eBite is battery-powered and includes an AC charger.

Improved lighting conditions in the mouth can assist in better and more accurate focus as well as help the photographer pinpoint the ideal subject area to photograph. Doubling as cheek retractors, the eBite frees a hand to hold a mirror inside the mouth, helping make dental photography a one-person job.

Lester A. Dine Inc
(800) 624-9103

Hand Sanitizer and Antimicrobial Pen

Honeysuckle Creations, Urbana, Ohio, introduces two new products designed to fight the spread of germs and serve as marketing tools for orthodontic practices. They can be given as gifts to your staff, patients, or referring dentists.

The hand sanitizer is available in a 1-ounce flip-top bottle or a 1.9-ounce bottle with a carabiner clip.

The Pasteur pen is constructed of plastic that has an embedded antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes on the surface of the pen.

Honeysuckle Creations
(800) 487-9325

Disappearing Braces Mug

L Brooks Co offers a new promotional giveaway for orthodontic offices—the Disappearing Braces Mug. One side of the mug features a smiling face with braces on it. When you add a hot beverage to the mug, the braces disappear. The reverse side of the mug can feature your practice’s logo.

L Brooks Co
(850) 668-6136

Head Loupe

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, a Dentrex Company, introduces the Megaview head loupe. The Megaview comes with three interchangeable power lenses: 2x, 2.5x, and 3x. Also featuring a hoodless design, the Megaview allows the user to look around the lens when viewing. Each lens has a superwide field of view and clear optics. The Megaview is also available with a LED light source.

Vision USA
(800) 257 5782


IndiGreen Innovations, Greenville, NC, offers environmentally sensitive paper HVE tips. ECOtip™ Earth-Friendly High Volume Evacuator Tips enable dental professionals to make an environmental statement and help keep more than 100 million plastic suction tips out of landfills each year, according to the company. Made from FDA-approved materials, the nonvented tips fit all standard HVE valves.

IndiGreen Innovations
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