Summary: KLOwen Orthodontics is introducing a custom metal self-ligating (SL) solution, named an Ortho Innovator Honorable Mention. Set to debut at the 2024 AAO Annual Session, this technology aims to improve treatment times and efficiency by combining the features of existing SL solutions with precise custom prescriptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Technology: The new custom metal SL solution incorporates the benefits of SL solutions with a custom prescription to reduce treatment time and improve efficiency.
  • Award Recognition: The solution received an Ortho Innovator Honorable Mention, highlighting its potential impact and innovative design.

Custom Metal SL Solution

KLOwen Orthodontics is launching a custom metal self-ligating (SL) solution that was recently named a 2024 Ortho Innovator Honorable Mention.

The company will showcase the new custom SL solution at the 2024 AAO Annual Session in May.

Features of the New SL Device

The custom SL solution is designed to integrate the benefits of low-friction and non-fatiguing ligation inherent in different types of conventional SL solutions with the benefits of better control and efficiency from a custom prescription.

Key benefits include significantly shorter ligation appointments and faster initial alignment, according to the company. Improved technology and a custom prescription are designed to streamline the treatment process by minimizing slop and facilitating precise tooth positioning to optimize control.

Custom Digital Orthodontic Solution

KLOwen Orthodontics was founded in 2019 by orthodontist Brandon Owen, DDS, MS, and the company is dedicated to offering a full custom digital orthodontic solution aimed at increasing efficiency and elevating the quality and consistency of treatment outcomes.

“Our commitment to innovation is unwavering,” said Owen. “This new Custom Metal SL Solution represents a significant leap forward in orthodontic technology, allowing practitioners to provide superior patient care with enhanced efficiency and precision.”