GHOrthodontics_miniprevail_SelfG&H Orthodontics, Franklin, Ind, introduced its new miniPrevail Family of products at the recent American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session in Washington, DC. The company has added a new self-ligating bracket, the miniPrevail SL, and a low profile buccal tube, the miniPrevail LP Tube.

The line already includes the miniPrevail low profile twin bracket, which is being renamed miniPrevail LP TWIN.

The miniPrevail SL uses a NiTi spring clip, allowing for passive engagement during initial leveling and alignment while using round wires. When treatment plans call for rectangular wires, the miniPrevail SL then becomes active to provide effective torque and rotation control to finish treatment.

GHOrthodontics_minipervail_buccal_tubeAccording to the company, its new low profile buccal tube, the miniPrevail LP Tube, was designed using feedback from clinicians and experts in the field and developed with the goal of keeping ease of placement for the orthodontist and patient comfort at the forefront. The tube includes a distinct “crosshair” sight lines positioning feature and a funneled entrance for easier wire insertion. In addition, the tube features a sleek hook design that is intended to allow for simplified bonding and patient comfort.