The Haitian Health Foundation, located in JÉrÉmie, Haiti, is expecting nearly 30,000 refugees to arrive from Port Au Prince following the recent earthquakes.

The foundation was started in 1982 by Connecticut orthodontist Jeremiah Lowney, DDS. Now, 28-years later, Lowney and his organization are rallying to help homeless and displaced Haitians following the country’s earthquakes.

The foundation’s 27,000-square-foot health care facility did not experience any damage. However, tens of thousands of refugees from Port Au Prince are now heading to JÉrÉmie and Lowney’s facility. In a video announcement posted on the foundation’s Web site, Lowney says he expects 30,000 refugees to arrive in JÉrÉmie. He hopes to provide necessary health care, food, and other supplies to these displaced Haitians.

JÉrÉmie is located on the western end of the country. In this region people depend on jobs like subsistence farming and charcoal production for their livelihood, according to the foundation. In addition to the city of JÉrÉmie, the Haitian Health Foundation provides support to over 100 rural mountain villages. According to the Hatian Health Foundation’s Web site, more than 92% of funds collected go directly to services for the poor.

To view Lowney’s video message or make a donation, visit the Haitian Health Foundation’s Web site.