DENTSPLY, Bohemia, NY, acquired AMD Lasers, makers of the Picasso line of lasers, in late 2011. DENTSPLY, as well as both its Raintree Essix Glenroe and GAC divisions, is offering the Picasso line to orthodontists.

According to the company, the Picasso and Picasso Lite are the only diode lasers that offer theability to use both low-cost disposable tips and strippable fibermethods of delivery. They feature push-button operation and aresupported by a comprehensive line of training and CE. While the PicassoLite handles all soft-tissue challenges with 2.5 watts of peakpower, the standard Picasso generates 7.0 watts, enablingthe practice to use the laser for teeth whitening as well as otherprocedures.

Both Picasso lasers can perform a comprehensive range ofsoft-tissue procedures, including gingival re-contouring, frenectomies,and revealing impacted teeth. They can also help reduce bleeding,swelling, and infections.

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