Jackie Dorst will explore CDC and OSHA guidance on what orthodontists should do for airborne disease protection and compliance.

The American Association of Orthodontists is hosting a webinar about what orthodontic practices should do for airborne disease protection and OSHA compliance.

Speaker Jackie Dorst, BS, RDH, will lay out 5 Post-Pandemic safety precautions for OSHA compliance and CDC airborne disease infection control.

Since March 2020, OSHA and CDC frequently published interim guidance changes for healthcare employees, patient and community precautions to prevent SARs-CoV-2 disease transmission. 

The new research, data, variants, and conflicting guidance from regulatory agencies caused confusion and uncertainty about what to do for safe orthodontic care.

Dorst will teach attendees to identify COVID-19 community infectivity using the CDC COVID Tracker. 

She will also list HVAC and HVE standards to reduce airborne disease in orthodontic offices and examine 5 airborne diseases.

The webinar takes place on March 3 at 12 PM ET.