KOMET USA, Rock Hill, SC, introduces two new stainless-steel bur blocks. According to the company, bur blocks 9931 and 9933L3 were designed for easier cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and storing of dental instruments. Any KOMET friction grip or contra-angle instruments stored in the new bur blocks can be cleaned and disinfected in an instrument and/or ultrasonic bath (in which case the block must be closed), or in a thermo disinfector (in which case the block must be open).

The sterilization takes place in the autoclave, where instruments are held in place with silicone plugs. The silicone plugs are available in refill packs of eight pieces in blue, yellow, and red.Block 9931 holds up to 9 instruments and block 9933L3 holds up to 12 instruments.

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